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Dave Bruce - Licensing, Institution & Installation

On the 24th January 2016 at 4:00pm, the service of Licensing, Institution and Installation of the Reverend David Bruce as the Team Rector of the Malvern Chase Team Ministry was was held at St Andrew's church, one of the three churches in the Team Ministry. The service was attended by approximately 330 people from all three parishes in the Chase Team as well as family and friends from far and wide. To accommodate this number, the service was relayed (sound and multiple video streams) into the church hall and the rest of the church centre. Following the service, refreshments were served to all in the church centre.

The service was conducted by the Right Reverend Dr John Inge (Bishop of Worcester) and the Venerable Robert Jones (Archdeacon of Worcester). You can download a PDF copy of the service booklet by clicking here. Key parts of the service (including all songs) were displayed on the screens in the church and hall. A PDF copy of the PowerPoint handout is available to download by clicking here.

All the main parts of the service are available to view on YouTube by clicking on the links below (they are listed in the order they occurred in the service):

Notices (before the service - for background information only)

Gathering & Welcome



Bishop John's Sermon

Licensing and Installation


Sending Out

If there is sufficient demand, we can also produce a DVD of the above (e-mail for further information)